Friday, June 10, 2011


So, my skin hates me.  It is karma related I think.  I was a really pretty girl all through puberty.  Not one blemish.  I wasn't mean to the other girls when they were suffering with pubescent acne, but I wasn't very helpful either.
My problem came when my children were born.  Call it stress or came with a vengeance and stayed.  Adult acne, great.  Do I have money coming out the wazoo to pay for dermatologist visits and every cream and toner known to man? No.  So I go the natural route, honey, vinegar, sugar and baking soda.  They all helped in their own way but offered no cure.  So, here I sit and the make-up counter looking at the green concealer and the spackle that is my foundation thinking.."can I be really have a pin-up face?"  The answer I came to was SURE you can.  Look around, there are no shortage of women that are dissatisfied with some part of them.   What makes me any different than someone that fusses over the extra pounds around her waist or the gal that that hates her hair.  My aim is to help us all feel beautiful just the way we are and enhance our good features and minimize what we don't like.
I am having some spring-time allergic craziness going on with my skin right now and I have decided that I am not going to cake this stuff on and be miserable but just do the best I can and wear the rest of it like I painted it on, bumps and all.  Take a look!

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